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Wills & Succession Planning

Recognising the importance of creating a Will is paramount. It’s not just about establishing one, but also crafting a Will that considers potential Inheritance Tax liabilities while providing for dependents and beneficiaries. Careful deliberation is necessary in this process. A thoughtfully crafted Will not only ensures the realisation of your wishes but also alleviates the general anxiety experienced by friends and family after your passing.

At Scullion & Green, we understand the sensitivity that clients feel when making a Will. To accommodate your preferences, we frequently arrange home visits for those who prefer not to come to the office. We dedicate time to work closely with you in preparing a Will that reflects your wishes and meets your specific needs.

Wills & Succession Services

At Scullion & Green, our expertise lies in the meticulous drafting of Wills and trusts. We offer comprehensive legal advice on crucial matters such as inheritance tax and estate planning. Our goal is to guide you in a way that maximises the share of your estate that reaches your beneficiaries after your passing, ensuring they receive the most favourable outcome possible. Trust our experienced team to navigate these intricate legal aspects with precision and care.
  • Probate / estate administration
  • Setting up Will trusts  
  • Will Writing 
  • Inheritance Tax Planning   

We take a comprehensive approach at Scullion & Green, considering potential tax implications carefully. In certain cases, we may suggest collaboration with your Accountant or Financial Advisor to delve into aspects of Inheritance Tax and other relevant taxes. This is especially crucial for clients aiming to provide for family members facing disadvantages.

Our commitment extends to advising on the protection of such family members. Drawing from our experience, we firmly believe that creating a Will can preclude potential issues between beneficiaries in the future after your passing. It is a proactive step towards ensuring a smooth and harmonious distribution of your estate.