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other Matters

The matters discussed above do not encompass the entirety of the services we provide to our clients. We are open to addressing any additional legal concerns or inquiries you may have. Our initial half-hour appointment incurs no charge, and if you decide to engage our services thereafter, we are willing to discuss costs with you.

You may qualify for Legal Aid through the Legal Services Commission. Alternatively, if you don’t meet the financial constraints set by the Legal Services Commission, you might have coverage under other insurance policies, and we can explore this on your behalf. In cases where none of the aforementioned options apply, we are happy to arrange payment terms with you.

For any legal concerns or difficulties, we strongly recommend consulting a solicitor at the earliest possible stage. Scullion & Green believe that seeking early consultation allows clients to obtain sound and cost-effective legal advice.

Other Matters

Scullion & Green provides a wide range of legal services beyond the mentioned matters. Our initial half-hour consultation is free, and we are open to discussing costs for ongoing services. Whether you qualify for Legal Aid or have alternative insurance coverage, we proactively explore options. For other situations, flexible payment arrangements can be made. Early consultation with a solicitor is strongly recommended for effective and cost-efficient legal advice.
  • Comprehensive Legal Services
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Flexible Cost Discussions
  • Proactive Options Exploration
  • Early Consultation Advocacy