Legal Services


Scullion & Green are experienced Property Lawyers and can advise you on all aspects of property law.

Wills & Succession Planning

Expert advice on crafting wills and strategic succession planning for a secure and tailored legacy.

Administration of Estates

Empathetic and expert handling of estate matters, providing personalised legal advice for smooth administration.

Family Matters

Compassionate guidance on diverse family issues, including breakdowns, custody, and adoption matters.

Criminal Matters

Dedicated legal support for criminal cases in both Magistrates and Crown Courts, ensuring fair representation.


Proficient advocacy and strategic counsel for effective resolution of legal disputes in various areas.

Commercial Services

Expert guidance on various business-related legal aspects, fostering success and legal compliance for businesses.


Comprehensive advice on diverse employment-related issues, ensuring legal compliance and strategic solutions.

Judicial Review

Specialised expertise in reviewing the lawfulness of decisions by public authorities, ensuring justice prevails.

Liquor Licensing Law

Advice on navigating the complexities of liquor licensing laws, ensuring compliance for businesses in this sector.