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judicial review

In the contemporary legal landscape, Judicial Review stands as a dynamically evolving field. This specific type of court proceeding entails a Judge thoroughly examining the lawfulness of decisions, acts, or omissions made by public authorities. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accountability and fairness in administrative actions.

Scullion & Green has actively engaged in numerous Judicial Reviews, showcasing our proficiency in challenging the lawfulness of decisions made by public authorities on behalf of our clients. Whether it’s contesting a decision that adversely affects individuals or challenging an omission that has implications for the public interest, we have demonstrated success in navigating this complex legal terrain. Our commitment to the principles of justice and accountability drives our involvement in Judicial Reviews, ensuring our clients have a voice in scrutinizing the actions of public authorities to uphold the rule of law.

Judicial Review Services

Scullion & Green specialises in Judicial Review proceedings, providing expert legal guidance to individuals affected by decisions from public authorities such as Health Trusts, Education Boards, Universities, and the Planning Service. We actively encourage discussions to assess potential cases, ensuring our clients' rights are upheld through thorough scrutiny of administrative actions.
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Public authorities, encompassing entities such as Health Trusts, Education Boards, Universities, and the Planning Service (among others), play a significant role in governance. Scullion & Green recognises the broad spectrum of bodies falling under the term “public authority.”

We welcome discussions regarding potential cases where decisions made by these authorities directly impact individuals. Whether you are navigating issues with a Health Trust, dealing with Education Boards, engaging with Universities, or facing challenges related to the Planning Service, we are more than happy to explore the details of your situation. Our commitment is to provide expert legal guidance and representation in Judicial Review proceedings, ensuring that decisions made by public authorities are subject to thorough scrutiny, and individuals’ rights are upheld.