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Criminal Matters

Our commitment to providing legal support extends beyond traditional office hours. If you find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance, particularly if you are to be interviewed by the police or have been arrested, our 24-hour/7-day legal service is here to help.

You can reach out to us directly, or, in cases where difficulties arise outside normal business hours, the police can contact us on your behalf. It’s crucial, especially if you are under arrest, to promptly request the PSNI to get in touch with us. This proactive step ensures that our legal team can swiftly assist you during police interviews or any legal proceedings, offering you guidance and representation when you need it most. Your peace of mind and legal protection are our priorities around the clock.

Criminal Matters Services

Scullion & Green delivers comprehensive legal services for criminal matters, providing 24/7 support for police interviews and arrests. We prioritise accessibility to legal advice, offering free Legal Aid for those detained at Police Stations. Our experienced solicitors handle various criminal cases, blending mediation and litigation expertise for personalised and efficient support.
  • 24/7 Access to Legal Services
  • Expert Legal Advice
  • Legal Aid

It’s essential to highlight that the PSNI has access to our contact numbers, ensuring a quick and efficient means of reaching us when needed. Additionally, it’s crucial to be aware that legal advice and assistance from the Legal Services Commission can be made available right from the outset of any legal matter. If you find yourself detained at a Police Station, it’s important to know that free Legal Aid is accessible to provide you with the necessary legal support during this critical time. Our collaborative efforts with relevant legal services aim to ensure that you have the assistance you need when facing legal challenges.